Kundalini Awakening Support


Are you experiencing Kundalini activation’s? Would benefit from some assistance?, perhaps your body is having Kriyas ( jolts, shaking) not sure  what to do and you are seeking some guidance.

I would like to share with you my direct experience and understanding  of the process of Kundalini awakening.

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1.5 hour personalised sessions to assist you to integrate and harness your life force energy known as Kundalini shakti

Kundalini, life force energy is a innate energy within all of us.It is said curl around itself three and a half times at the base of the  spine and begin to unfurl and release from base Chakra up to the crown Chakra. This mysterious & powerful energy forms a major part of all esoteric teachings around the world.

As it pierces the Chakras and they begin to unblock we can often experience situations,people that trigger us to release held beliefs and propel us into new often unfamiliar territories.

As the energy awakes we can often  experience  Kriyas ( jolts, shaking) which is the energy unblocking itself.This can be uncomfortable and sometimes overpowering.The body is adjusting to higher vibrational energy and the Kundalini energy is burning through  impurities.

My Kundalini awoke in 2001 and I would like to share with you my direct experience and understanding  of the process of Kundalini awakening.

In these sessions we work with your central nervous system utilising Breath practices, Meditation, Asana ,Mantra and more to assist you with  the integration of the energy, enhancing your life force to flow through you constructively.These practices come from classical Indian Tantra and Kundalini yoga traditions.

Deeper esoteric teachings are avaliable on the understandings of how to  work with your Chakra and Nadi systems within your body to move and honor the Kundalini energy. 

contact me for assistance.

Kundalini  Awakening SupportThe ancient yogis of India recognised the great power of the more subtle energies that reside within our body. They understood and created practices which harnessed this great life force energy. They mapped the  subtle energies within the body, the channels of Prana through the Sushmana, Nadis,  & Chakras and the knowledge of how to harmonize the dual energies of polarity within our bodies  known as Ida & Pingala. This knowledge forms the basis of Tantra Yoga.

Kundalini  Awakening SupportIn today’s contemporary world we are relearning how to connect & work with our powerful inner subtle energies. As ancient cultures harnessed & directed kundalini energy through yogic practices and knowledge, so too can you benefit from this power and grace and integrate its  transformational qualities into your life.

Kundalini  Awakening SupportSara’s kundalini awoke in 2001 through a Shaktipat ceremony through the Siddha master Swami Shankarananda.
This profound awakening led Sara to study and become a qualified Tantra yoga & Kundalini yoga teacher and pursue a path of deep spiritual transformation & inquiry. 

Sara has have been initiated to perform Shaktipat (Kundalini Awakening) in the tradition of the Siddha lineage and she is devoted to sharing these ancient teachings & knowledge for our modern times.