1 on 1 Customised Yoga


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1 on 1 customised yoga sessions offer a personalised approach to your Yoga, wellness needs & desires .You may want to create a regular practice or work with a particular health issue. The first session include a initial consultation, looking at your needs and developing practices designed and tailored to your body and current state of health and goals. This can be of a physical nature with Asana’s or developing meditation skills or learning breath practices.

I will meet you where you are at; you can be a beginner or would like to develop a deeper practice.

I also offer to teach you the lesser known esoteric breath and meditation practices of Tantra Kundalini yoga. Tantra Yoga breath & meditation practices centre on the esoteric yogic knowledge of working with the subtle inner energies, including the Chakra systems and Kundalini energy. We work with moving energy throughout your body via the Meridians in the body known as Nadis utilising Breath, Mantra, Mudra to harness energy pathways . This brings greater clarity, vitality and brings us closer to our divine nature.

Sessions are tailored to your needs and can focus on physical practices or meditation practices to calm the mind or a combination of both.