Ganeshpuri in India is not like anywhere else on earth, Its energy and  power that comes off the land is incredible.Its no wonder Saints, Siddhis and Spiritual seekers have found themselves in its midst for time immemorial. I was lucky enough to attend a Ayurvedic retreat earlier this year at the beautiful Fire Mountain Retreat in Ganeshpuri just out from  Mumbai .Its at the foothills of the powerful sacred volcanic mount Mondagni, or Mount of the eternal flame and every morning at day break and at dusk we practiced the ancient Agni Horta ceremony. Nothing can explain the primordial satisfaction of staring into a flame at exactly the same time the sun rises.And thats what so special about India that it maintains ancient traditions, practices which connect us into a deeper place within ourselves.

Loving Ganeshpuri Loving GaneshpuriLoving GaneshpuriLoving Ganeshpuri

Join me in January 2018 for a 10 day Ayurvedic & yoga retreat at Fire Mountain, where I look forward to sharing with you the treasurers not seen by the naked eye, where we will visit sacred sights, meditate, detox and find a sense of wellness and inner peace that will be enhanced in this sacred power spot.