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Yoga & Deep Relaxiation 6 week course

March 14 @ 7:30 PM - April 18 @ 8:45 PM

6 week Course March 14- April 18 th, Wednesdays 7.30 – 8.45 pm 

Welcome, to your human temple- your body. 

Each class will be a combination of active poses and breath work followed by a nice long Yoga Nidra ( Deep Relaxation )

This 6 week course will introduce you to the subtle energy pathways through yoga and deep relaxation Exploring  the deeper subtle connections and their  relationships in the  body.

Cost $130.00 Concession $120.00 (payment plans available if required)

Price  includes handouts of practices for your reference and a guided Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) MP3 gift for you.

For more info please get in contact

This course is taught at a introductory level, for beginners to advanced, the course will meet you where you are at.Introducing advanced as well as practices beginners can do.The course is fully guided and supported, if you have limited experience there will be clear instructions to follow at your own pace.A current yoga practice is an advantage but not required.

This course is suitable for anyone looking to :

Gain greater vitality, more energy to release stress

Experience a weekly deep relaxation after a yogic practice to deeply relax the body

Deepen your yoga practice and have more knowledge and direct experience of the inner subtle body systems,

Desiring deeper sacred Yogic knowledge which is often minimised, even during yoga classes that focus on mainly asanas and physical fitness

All organs, blood, fluid systems within the body are intrinsically linked with another more subtle energy system. They need to be working together in harmony for good health to ensure.We will be working with the Central Nervous System, the Endocrine system and the Respiratory system through the Internal Energy Meridian Systems within the body . 

This is also true for Kundalini energy to flow unheeded by emotional blocks, toxic systems, we need to clean our chakras & activate our life force energy to experience the benefits of a active, healthy and clean system where kundalini energy can flow effortlessly.

Each week we will focus on a particular part of the body and its coordinating chakra and organs.

We will be working with a combination of Asana (postures), Pranayam (breathing practices) Bhandas (body locks), Kriyas (exercise sets using postures), Mudras (gestures) Mantras (chanted words & sounds) and Meditation .

Each week we will focus on a different part of the body and its corresponding chakra (energy center), identifying how the energetics and feelings of each chakra effect corresponding parts of the physical body and its organs. Taking the time to focus on these subtle relationships improve ones vitality and general wellbeing.

We will be working with the following energy systems within the body and more-

The Chakras

Introduction to inner energy chakra system, we will be working with the 7 main Chakra system and III be introducing 
4 lesser known chakras 

Kundalini & the Nadis

Kundalini energy is the life force energy, which resides in the base of the spine 

Nadis – are the energy pathways in the body. There are said to be 72,000 Nadis in the human body, mapped out by the ancient yogis.

Prana & Apana

Prana is the basic life force of consciousness in the air we breathe, 

Apana is the eliminating energy stored in the lower chakras. 

This 6 week course will take you on such a journey…..

About Sara

Sara is dedicated to sharing ancient Yogic knowledge. Sara is a qualified Tantra Yoga teacher,Yoga Nidra and kundalini yoga teacher,
She has been initiated to give Shaktipat – Kundalini awakening through the Siddah lineage. 
Sara is also a practicing artist and designer with her own label and regularly holds workshops,retreats and classes on mediation and various yoga’s




March 14 @ 7:30 PM
April 18 @ 8:45 PM
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Yoga Space Fitzroy
Rear 227 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, Victoria 3065 Australia
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Unlimited available
Yoga & Deep Relaxiation$130.006 week course , starting 7/3/18 to 11/4/18 Wednesdays 7.30-8.45 pm

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