Sara Thorn Collections collage & weave together pattern, symbols, drawings, paintings, hand made with state of the art technologies worn on the body or as textiles for the home.

The prints are designed to communicate and often convey stories, dreamscapes and ways of seeing the world.

The recent collections Unicorn & Goddess Jewel are both developed from watercolour paintings. Painting for Sara allows a certain freedom which captures spontaneity that when developed into textiles give the textile a human touch and unique personality.

Unicorn Print 

This print was developed from a series of Unicorn and Goddess themed watercolours painted in early 2017.The paintings were very whimsical and  transformed into digital artworks with crystals & light prisms added to enhance the hand painting techniques.The result is a bejeweled dreamscape of Goddesses riding unicorns bounding over prism filled crystals.

The prints are avaliable across scarves, wallets and a yoga/Lifestyle themed collection. Magic for the body. Enjoy!

Goddess Jewel Prints

These prints arose out of a desire to celebrate the divine feminine, particularly to bring a sacred remembrance of Goddesses and Deities into textiles for yoga. It seemed incongruous that yoga clothing had become so sporty where the orginal practices of yoga often honored the sacred feminine. The Goddess print was developed from a watercolour and re drawn for print , it seemed fitting that a print featuring adornment of classical Indian jewelry would complement the Goddesses. Bringing back the divine to be worn on the body to practice yoga and to enhance everyday life was the inspiration.