Creativity & Spirituality

Sara Thorn unifies creativity with spirituality.Sara is a creative mix of passion and dedication to her Spiritual and Creative path.

A Designer, Artist, Healer, Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual teacher.

Sara offers classes, workshops, retreats and 1 on 1 sessions  across yoga, meditation, deep relaxation, painting and wellness and creates limited edition textile collections and exhibits her work globally.

Sara Thorn Designer

Sara Thorns design work is across textiles,accessories, homewares and fashion.She is inspired by traditional textile histories which she utilises in her work often collaging traditional textile techniques with state of the art technologies.



Sara  specialises in watercolours and oils,she expresses the  whimsical, visionary and mythological.Her work is inspired by capturing the many facets of the Goddess  and the divine realms of beauty.Her paintings can  feature dream scapes as well as  ancient temples,lands often painted through a channelled inspiration



Yoga & Spirituality

Sara is dedicated to bringing greater wellness and knowledge of the self through ancient yogic knowledge and self empowerment.

Sara has trained through various yoga & spiritual lineages and has been practicing yoga, & meditation for over 15 years.

Some of these trainingings include-

Certified Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation) Instructor through the Amrit Yoga Institute under the auspice of Yogi Amrit Desai having also completed Advanced Yoga Nidra Training.

Qualified Tantra Yoga teacher through the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism and the Siddha lineage including advanced trainings and initiated into giving Shaktipat (Kundalini Awakening)

Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher through the through Kundalini Research Institute.