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Yoga, Original Designs, Creativity and more!

Sara is a designer, with a deep over 20 year Herstory  in textile, fashion and homewares, a artist with a devoted Spiritual practice. Sara has trained through various yoga, spiritual lineages and has been practicing yoga, meditation for over 15 years.She is a certified Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxiaton) Instructor through the Amrit Yoga Institute under the auspice of Yogi Amrit Desai having also completed Advanced Yoga Nidra Training. Sara is a qualified Tantra Yoga teacher through the teachings of Kashmir Shavisim and the Siddah lineage and Kundalini Yoga teacher through the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

Sara is dedicated to bringing greater wellness and knowledge of the self through ancient yogic knowledge and self empowerment.

Sara embraces the multi faceted person who has multiple gifts.It is common in our current society to be told we can only be good at one thing, or only express ourselves in a certain way.

Often we diminish ourselves and say we aren’t creative, we can’t meditate, we can’t do yoga.We find it hard to make time for wellness and self expression.

In truth we are holistic beings with often great untapped potential.Happiness and fulfillment comes from within when we express ourselves in our authentic truths.

Sara through her own experience overcoming breast cancer naturally through yoga, diet ,emotional de stressing and  connecting to the innate intelligence within the human body is a living example of the power of the mind to overcome obstacles, be them mental or physical.

Sara brings her direct experience of self healing, a 20 year creative practice, a dedicated 15 year spiritual practice to each and every session, class, workshop or retreat, whatever the vehicle, Saras commitment and passion to make you and the world a better, kinder place is supreme.

Sara encourages and guides you to embrace a flourishing version of yourself, where your life can unfold according to your desires and higher gifts. This is the journey of self growth and self expression, to assist you to  strengthen your relationship to your body, mind and soul connection.

Offering Tuition and teachings across Creativity, Spirituality and Wellness.

Sara holds regular classes to assist your well being through Yoga, Meditation, Workshops, Courses, Retreats, 1 on 1 yoga, Personalised Yoga Nidras (Deep Relaxiation) Esoteric Tantra Yoga practices,Vitality Coaching & Personalised  Healings. 

 For your Creativity, Painting & Drawing courses run regularly as well as 1 on 1 private tuition to get your  skills and confidence up. 

Sara Thorn ‘Sacred Life’ is about the empowered person who reconnects to the essence of life and is a trailblazer in the universe with transformation as its primary driver. Embracing all aspects of the Divine through creative embodiment via Sara Thorn Designs, Creativity and Yoga.

Sara Thorn Designs offer original limited edition collections of clothing, accessories and home-wares featuring Sara’s unique textiles.The Yoga and lifestyle collections express the individual spirit of self expression, produced ethically using a combination of state of the art technologies and traditional hand made artisan techniques.

Hum Sa Ra Yoga which Sara facilitates combines teachings and practices from the Tantra and Kundalini yoga lineages, Deep Relaxiation through Yoga Nidra , new ascension light body practices with divine feminine inspiration.