I’ve always loved to paint and draw since child hood, but with life’s challenges, twists and turns there have been periods when I haven’t been as creative as I longed to be. I recognise this can be a phase in one’s life where creative self expression gets put on hold until we find or make the time for it.

 I’ve created Art Salon as a space to come and draw, learn new painting, drawing techniques, new ways of seeing and expressing your ideas, visions & impulses.

Dedicating time to ones creative expression I believe is time well spent, it nurtures the soul, stills the mind and allows for a break from the pressures of monotony to explore inspirations.

It just feels so satisfying to loose oneself in a artwork. I’m excited about having Art Salon in a well established gallery space.

I look forward to you joining me a studio ambiance with easels to find your passion, your inspirations and paint that picture your soul longs to express.